sensor driven data visualization solutions


Flex Gateway

SensorSimple Flex Gateway is an externally powered device that relays wireless LoRa sensor data to the AssetSimple application or other data collection device/application.

All your assets available from any internet connected device anywhere in the world!

sensors monitor, record and report problems with any asset

built with powerful API toolkits for plug-&-play integration

Easy TO Integrate

And monitor

Data is collected and visualized in the AssetSimple Cloud monitoring solution which provides a robust suite of options from alerts and warnings, configurable dashboards and reports, historical graphs and data widgets.

plug & play

with the flex gateway

The Flex Gateway begins transmitting sensor data as soon as it is turned on and connected to our cellular network or local 2.4ghz WiFi network.

Flex Gateway


The gateway communicates with the AssetSimple server over 2.5ghz Wifi, Cellular or both.

An on-board rechargeable battery pack powers the gateway for up to 48 hours in the event of a power failure. Larger battery packs can be installed if necessary.

The IP67 rated enclosure has an RGB LED visible through a light pipe to display connectivity status.

Up to 100 AssetSimple sensors communicate with the gateway over 915Mhz network. Sensor publish frequency detirmines available airtime which determines the ultimate max sensor count.




Power In:

12vdc @ 2a




Cat-M1, Cat-NBlot, 2G fallback


Internal battery provides 24 hours of operation


915MHz @ .5W max

Ingress Protection: