sensor driven data visualization solutions


Temperature, Pressure, Current and Digital Input options

SensorSimple Flex-6 is a wireless sensor module that provides multiple external sensor options from one device.  Options to monitor the following sensors, temperature (2),  Pressure (2), Current (1), Digital Input (1).  One example of an HVAC/R use case is to monitor all key points of data for a refrigeration compressor to indicate early warnings for issues like high or low superheat, or discharge temperature problems, refrigerant leaks and more!

Monitor Multiple Key Points of Data with One Module

sensors monitor, record and report problems with any asset

built with powerful API toolkits for plug-&-play integration

Easy TO Integrate

And monitor

Data is collected and visualized in the AssetSimple Cloud monitoring solution which provides a robust suite of options from alerts and warnings, configurable dashboards and reports, historical graphs and data widgets.

plug & play

with the flex gateway

Flex-6 automatically connects to the SensorSimple Flex Gateway providing 24/7/365 coverage of assets as soon as it is within range.