sensor driven data visualization solutions

 monitoring made “simple”

Wireless sensor network made simple

Integrating plug and play wireless sensors and data visualization together in the cloud using the AssetSimple application, we provide all the heavy lifting to ensure everything is set up and running properly for TRUE “Plug and Play” integration.

worry free monitoring

 AssetSimple uses proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms to not only alert you when an asset requires attention but can also predict before a major failure has occurred.  

cloud based data

Our cloud based application runs on the most secure and reliable server platform in the world.  This ensures there are no disruptions between our data and our clients.

integration services

ATS engineers can build custom solutions for retailers, service companies and OEMS needing these services.

Unrivaled sensor flexibility

With AssetSimple integration you can host most legacy sensors and our wireless LoRa sensors seamlessly within our cloud application.

Custom solutions

Our platform supports a number of legacy API and sensor systems as well as those from our exclusive provider Refrigeration Innovation.

Robust API

cloud-based API

ASSETSIMPLE is the cloud-based application driving the intelligence  and analytics ATS offers with its unique sensor driven solutions.  AssetSimple data can be pushed into many other applications using our robust and flexible API.

advanced sensor research and development


cloud connected sensors

REFRIGERATION INNOVATION develops advanced sensors and controls. The sensors easily mount and connect to the cloud instantly providing a fast seamless way to install and track assets.


SENSORSIMPLE plug-and-play battery operated sensors provide up-to-seven metrics that are streamed into the ASSETSIMPLE platform.

These powerful sensors use a LoRa gateway to provide ultra-strong signal strength over challenging environments and distances.