sensor driven data visualization solutions

RTU Mini

Power/gas & Water

SensorSimple RTU-MINI is a wireless module designed to provide basic performance monitoring for most RTU applications. Monitoring air filter performance with, split temperature, and blower performance.

Monitor Your RTU/HVAC Equipment From One Dashboard

sensors monitor, record and report problems with any asset

built with powerful API toolkits for plug-&-play integration

Easy TO Integrate

And monitor

Data is collected and visualized in the AssetSimple Cloud monitoring solution which provides a robust suite of options from alerts and warnings, configurable dashboards and reports, historical graphs and data widgets.

plug & play

with the flex gateway

RTU-Mini plugs into the AssetSimple network using the SensorSimple Flex Gateway providing 24/7/365 coverage of assets with a range of up to 1,000’ non line of sight.



All data is monitored and stroed within the AssetSimple cloud platform

Use 1 CT for 120 volt single phase North American, or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems

Monitoring options avail:
  • (2) ea 1/8″ Static preasure differential poly tube ports mate with 3/32 i.d.poly tube
    – Temperature -10 to +85c
    – R.H. to 100%
  • (1) Split core transformer up to 500a
  • (1) Digital input (dry)

Requires the use of an AssetSimple Gateway-Flex gateway for use with either 2.4Ghz WiFi or built in cellular. RTU-MINI can be installed in seconds using only its magnetic housing or with the included adhesive backed metal bracket for non magnetic applications.





Temperature, Humidity, Battery, RSSI


AssetSimple Gateway


0-100%RH +/- .5°C accuracy


-10°C to + 85°C +/- .5°C accuracy


2 AA Lithium 150k+ publishes 


LoRa 915MHz


Up to 1k’ non-line-of-site

External Power Source Optional